Saturday, July 18, 2009


Owen Creek Fall is on the Natchez Trace,
about fifty three miles before Natchez, Mississippi
This once was a thriving fall, but now the fall only runs after a rain.
A small rain happen to come the day we were here.
Owens Creek Fall is a just a little piece of Nature that has with stood time.
You can listen to the water fall as it trickles down into the pool below.

Stairwell leading down to Owen Creek Fall
Rock Path above Owen Creek Fall leading to Rocky Springs

Yes! This is Enjoying Life!

Watching as water trickle down into the pool below

View of the pool of water collected below Owens Creek Water Fall
I think I will just stay here!

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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Now what can I do with this round empty propane tank to recycle it?

This round propane tank is going to be a Big Bobber!
You know, like the tiny ones you fish with!
The chickens are running around looking for a worm,
for it has to be big!

Simple Man Making It Do!

I painted the round propane tank red and white.
Added a red empty paint can upside down for the top.
How do you like my Big Bobber?

Leave me a note on what you think of my Big Bobber,
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