Saturday, August 22, 2009


Notice the top on my tractor,
I cut the top off an old golf cart and welded it to my tractor,
Thats Simple Man Makin It Do!

I bought this saw off Craig's List for $30.00.
I am told it is a Swing saw or Cut Off Saw.
Looks to me like it has an old rear end out of a T Model Ford for the drive box.
Someone has rigged the saw to work off a PTO on a tractor,
instead of a leather belt drive.

I am told this saw was used to cut the lengths needed
for stove wood,or wood for the fireplace.

I hooked the saw to my tractor, You know I just had to try it out!

View of the drive shaft to the PTO

View of the Saw Blade, which needs a good sharpening!

View of the log rack, for safety it has a blade guard
Ready to Cut Some Wood! Let's Try it Out!
The Log Rack goes back as I press on the log.
Close up of the saw blade in motion!
It is not as dangerous as I thought it looked!
Back then they were looking for a easier way, than a safer way of cutting logs.

As I was cutting the log, I was thinking it is hard to believe:
Some man long ago said to himself:
This is a easier way to cut wood! Than Using a Hand Cross Cut Saw!
I will never complain about my Chain Saw when it does not want to start Again!
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